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Before Mudjacking

Many types of concrete surfaces and their sub-surface foundations will settle at some point. This settling creates a void between the concrete surface (aka concrete slab). Concrete slabs sink for a variety of reasons including soil erosion, poor soil preparation, and soil movement. The slab sinks because there is less soil under it to support it.While initial amounts of voiding and pocketing may not cause surface issues, over time increased voiding with cause the concrete surface to sink or tilt. Mudjacking is time-tested solution for this problem. Arrow Foundation Repair’s Kansas City mudjacking team can raise and level your concrete surface by pumping a dirt and mortar mix directly under the concrete. The force of the sub-surface pumping will lift up the concrete slab and return the surface to its original level state. Mud jacking will also help prevent future voiding and pocketing in the treated area.

Driveway Leveling
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After Mudjacking

Driveways are one of the most common forms of concrete flatwork to settle. They are large flat area, and while driveways do not bear the same loads as a house, they are subject to cars parking and large delivery truck weight. Give the sheer size of a driveway and the fact that they are poured on graded soil, the vast majority of driveways will has at least some pocketing, however, not all will result in sinking or titling. While replacing a driveway in an option, mudjacking will most likely be the most affordable solution for leveling a sunken driveway. While mudjacking can solve settling problems it should not be used as a solution for raised flatwork. Raised flatwork occurs when there is expansive soil under the concrete slab. When water seeps under the slab the soil expands and raises the slab above it. In this case, driveway replacement may be the only solution.

Sidewalk & Other Flatwork Leveling Leveling

Arrow Foundation Repair can handle virtually all of your foundation and concrete repair needs. Any type of work that involve basement waterproofing, foundation repair or leveling any type of concrete that has move or shifted from settling or eroded earth. Sidewalk leveling is similar to driveway mudjacking. We use similar techniques and other methods to level your residential sidewalks so they are safer and more pleasant to walk and ride on. We have a wide range of Kansas City mudjacking experience and can assist you with:

  • Patio Leveling
  • Porch Leveling
  • Concrete Stair Leveling
  • Garage Flooring repair & Underpinning
  • Swimming Pool Decks
  • Floor Underpinning

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