Could Foundation Issues be Responsible for Heating or HVAC Problems in Your Kansas City Home?

At Arrow Foundation Repair, we know there are a myriad of issues that can result from problems with the foundation in your Kansas City home.  One of these potential issues is HVAC problems, and while it’s a bit confusing to understand what in the world your foundation could possibly have to do with the functioning of your heating/cooling system, we’ll explain below.

Most homeowners think of either an aging HVAC system or gaps around windows and doorways when heating costs rise.  Perhaps it’s due to inadequate insulation?  The fact is, the settling of the foundation can result in higher utility costs due to several issues.

How could this be?  The truth is, when the foundation shifts or cracks it can result in not only the ductwork for your home’s HVAC system becoming separated, but other issues that involve leaky pipes or electrical shorts.  Additionally, a foundation that settles can cause small cracks in walls around door jambs or window frames, which allows heat to escape.

When your home was initially built, walls, foundation, the roof, windows, doors – every aspect was as near to perfectly square as possible.  While all of the connections were tight, the eventual settling of the foundation may have led to loosening of these connections.  Even the tiniest crack or gap can result in significant heat loss (or gain, depending on the season) which causes your heating and cooling system to run longer to compensate, along with higher utility costs.  Essentially, the warm conditioned air is escaping in winter months, and the cool air during summer months.  

When you can find no other reason for rising utility costs, consider that the foundation of your Kansas City area home may have settled or shifted.  While this is not uncommon, it certainly raises concern in the minds of homeowners!  In fact, the words “foundation issue” or “foundation repair” can strike fear in the majority of homeowners, who see dollar signs related to repair expense flashing before their eyes.  The foundation is the basis of your entire home, helping maintain structural integrity.  When there’s a problem, it’s natural to be concerned.

The professionals at Arrow Foundation Repair know the importance of hiring a qualified, licensed, and insured company to assess the situation and determine the best solution, doing the job right so that you don’t have to worry about foundation issues in the future.  When it comes to what may be a costly repair, always do your research to ensure you’ll be spending your hard-earned money wisely!  When you are in search of a Kansas City foundation repair professional you can trust, look no further.


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