Kansas City Leaky Basements

Searching for info about Kansas City leak basements? There’s no doubt a leaky basement is a real pain; you may find that every time we have a substantial rain, you dread what’s ahead – cleanup.  If it rains heavily for several days, you may find your basement floods.  While it is a huge inconvenience, having a leaky basement could indicate other problems, or even be hazardous for your family’s health. 

Here are three reasons Kansas City area homeowners may want to consider basement waterproofing:

A leaky basement may indicate foundation problems.  While a problem with the foundation is something you don’t want to experience, a leaking basement can either be caused by a foundation problem, or lead to one.  Address the issue right away to keep repair costs as low as possible.

The perfect environment for the growth of mold and mildew.  What makes mold and mildew form?  A moist environment.  If your basement leaks each time it rains, there is a potential for growth.  Many basements are cold and dark, and the growth of mold and/or mildew can make it even more intimidating – and potentially even pose a health risk to your family.

Damage to your property may be a result of a leaky basement.  Whatever you have stored in your basement – furnishings, family heirlooms, out-of-season clothing, appliances – can experience damage when your basement leaks water.  Not only that, your floors or walls could actually sustain damage or buckle when the basement floods.

When your basement leaks or floods consistently over a long period of time, it can really wreak havoc on your home, and even your family’s health.  A basement waterproofing system may be a solution you want to consider; after all, your home is your biggest investment.  These systems are designed to the unique needs of your home, ensuring that groundwater and rain do not make their way into your basement.  Most systems consist of a waterproof barrier for the foundation, interior drain tile utilizing a sump pump that pumps water away from your home, epoxy crack repair, and custom surface drainage methods to direct drainage away from your home.

At Arrow Foundation Repair, we’re the professionals who are dedicated to addressing all of your home issues from foundation repair and proper drainage to basement waterproofing.  If you’re a Kansas City area resident with leaky basement issues, don’t put it off a moment longer – call us today!

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