Kansas City’s Soggy Weather & the Impact on Basements and Foundations

Considering the heavy rains in recent weeks in the Kansas City area and forecast of more to come mid-week, homeowners may wonder how all of this soggy weather affects their home’s foundation and basement.  The fact is while water is essential for beautiful lawns and landscapes, an abundance of rainfall can be damaging to homes in a number of ways.  Because Arrow Foundation Repair, Inc. is the most trusted foundation repair company in the Kansas City area, this article will focus on foundations and basements.

Every homeowner knows excess water can cause wood rot, washing away of topsoil, leaks in the roof, and other problems.  What about the foundation and basement?  While many people don’t realize it, concrete foundations absorb water because they’re porous.  When heavy rains come, the collection of water near or around the foundation can cause problems – perhaps not immediately, but over time.  Any cracks in the foundation may allow water to seep through, which may result in the foundation settling or cracks becoming even wider.  When the foundation is impacted, other aspects of your home are affected including the walls and ceilings.  Think about it for a moment; the foundation is the “base” of your home, so if it cracks, settles, or shifts it’s going to affect everything else sooner or later.

So, what to do?  Obviously you can’t do anything about heavy rains, storms, melting snow, or anything else that has to do with water and mother nature – no one can control the weather.  However, there are some steps you CAN take to protect your home from the ravages of water, including:

  • Basement waterproofing which often involves a sump pump to send water away from your home’s foundation
  • Roof gutters and downspout extensions to direct water from the roof away from your home
  • Having a French drain system installed
  • Improving the grading of your landscape if the ground slopes toward your Kansas City home, causing water to pool or “pond” around the foundation

Yes, rain is necessary for life; unfortunately, it can cause substantial damage to your home in more ways than you can imagine.  At Arrow Foundation Repair, we provide exceptional solutions including sump pumps, drainage, waterproofing, and foundation repair.  We understand your home is your biggest investment, and where your family creates memories.  Count on our Kansas City foundation repair and basement waterproofing professionals at Arrow Foundation Repair for unparalleled results!  With the right solutions, heavy rain and flooding no longer have to be a concern.

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