Exterior Wall Crack Sealing

Arrow Foundation Repair provides basement crack repair.  Depending on your situation, one method of crack repair is to seal the crack from the outside of the wall. The area outside of the crack is excavated to expose the foundation crack. The concrete wall is then cleaned, an elastic membrane is applied over the concrete crack and the excavated area is backfilled. This method prevents water from getting to the crack.  It also prevents water from entering your basement if there is any future movement  compromises the seal.

Epoxy Crack Repair

Epoxy Crack Injection

Epoxy crack injection is a common way to fix basement wall cracks, but keep in mind that epoxy injection crack repair does NOT fix the source of the water problem. It’s important to identify and solve the water and drainage issues to permanently stop water from seeping into your basement. Epoxy is extremely strong – stronger, in fact, than the basement walls themselves. Epoxy injections can fix cracks of many sizes and has the ability to fill even the smallest of wall cracks. A primary advantage of epoxy is its high compressive strength. This is the main reason why engineers will recommend epoxy injections for structural foundation repairs. Epoxies are used in many applications, from commercial and industrial buildings, residential structures, even major infrastructure such as bridge and highways. This method of basement wall repair seals the foundation and creates an impervious barrier to basement water seepage.

Interior Drain Tile

Drain Tile System

A drain tile system is a network of pipes and gravel installed around the foundation of your home or commercial structure. The pipes are perforated so that water that collect around and under your foundation drains into them. The pipes then run the water into an interior sump pit.

The sump pit contains a sump pump that automatically pumps out the water away from your house. Homes without a drain tile system, or with a clogged or failing drain tile systems, often find their crawl spaces and basements flooded. Interior drain tile systems are part of complete drainage solution to control water issues around and under the foundation.

Leaky Basements

Leaky basements occur for a number of reasons. First, ground water collects under or around the foundation of your home. When it builds high enough, the water will find a way in…either through a crack, or a seam or though wall seepage. Secondly, if you have a blocked or failing drain tile system, the water will have no way to be drained away from your foundation. Just like groundwater, this rain water will find a way into your basement. Finally aside from groundwater and rain water basement leaks, many leaks are the result of wall cracks, which can let in any type of water or moisture into your basement.

Waterproofing Membranes

Basement Waterproofing Membrane

A foundation waterproofing membrane is a waterproof barrier for your homes foundation. Most of these waterproofing membrane products are rolled-sheet products that are fastened to the concrete wall, or liquid sealants made of polyurethane that can be applied manually, with a roller or with spray equipment. Liquid if popular because when it cures, the membrane becomes a single seamless coat that does an excellent job waterproofing your home. Most new sealant have a high degree of flexibility, so they can stretch with heat and cool expansion – and even stretch to cover crack that form after the application.




Basement Waterproofing Systems

A basement water proofing system refers to a combination of the above water proofing fixes and prevention techniques.  These types or systems are unique to each home or structure and must be customized the ensure that water around the foundation does not enter, and that water that collects around the basement foundation is collected and drained properly.  A complete system often includes downspout drainage, French drains and other custom surface drainage methods depending on your home’s water issues


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