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Foundation Repair Overland Park

Foundation instability impacts the stability and security of the structure. This instability is a  concern for property owners and the safety of those inside the structure. Property owners are, therefore, in need of experts that can help them in foundation repair in Overland Park.

Various issues cause the need for foundation repair in Overland Park (including its combined periods of dry spells and heavy rains):

  • Sinking or crack formation on the foundation settlement due to soil movement;
  • Shrinking soil that causes voids beneath the slabs;
  • Soil erosion is caused by excess rain and leads to foundation failure;
  • Heaving that happens when the soil underneath expands and leads to cracks and settlements in foundations.

What are the signs of foundation settlement?

When foundation problems are left unattended, residential and commercial building owners might be facing more significant expenses for repair and are risking everyone's safety. To avoid these problems, property owners should check the following signs of foundation settlement per industry best practices:

  • Sinking or tilting concrete stairs
  • Tilting chimneys
  • Visible cracks in concrete foundation walls
  • Cracks found on the exterior stucco or drywall on windows and doors
  • Sinking and cracking slabs
  • Hard to open and close doors and windows

What Should Be Done to Fix the Foundation?

If you see any of these signs, you might need to get your foundation straightened, anchored, foundation piering, and crawl space repair. Here are some of the repairs you need to avoid further damage:

  • Wall straightening- Wall straightening is recommended if the basement needs to be put back in place. When there is too much ground pressure pushing against your basement walls, expect that your basement walls will bow. The bowing is caused by the processes of expansion and contraction that weakens the basement walls.
  • Wall anchoring- This repair method involves using galvanized anchors to hold the basement wall in place. The anchors can be adjusted to help straighten the wall over time.
  • Foundation piering- Foundation piering or underpinning is done to keep the foundation from further sinking or to help keep it in place.
  • Crawl space repair- This method of foundation repair is also called crawl space encapsulation. A moisture barrier is placed waterproofing the crawl space to prevent critters from trespassing in your property while improving the air quality at the same time. Crawl space repair helps reduce mold and mildew growth.

Why Should You Choose Arrow Foundation Repair?

If you want a trusted company that delivers quality foundation repair near Overland Park, you can never go wrong in choosing Arrow Foundation Repair. The company has been in the business since 1993 and is locally owned and operated. Arrow Foundation Repair directly hires, ensuring you the best services, including insurance, licenses, and permits.

We at Arrow Foundation Repair believe that customers must be provided with an accurate and clear analysis of any foundation problem. We only use the latest technology to deliver our promise. Our A+ BBB rating assures you that you are only hiring experts and professionals giving you value for your money.

If you are a homeowner who needs help for foundation repair in Overland Park, call us today at 913-722-9011 or 866-797-7437 to get free estimates.

Protect Your Home With Gutters & Proper Drainage

When discussing foundation repairs, it's only natural that we would want to offer solutions to our customers that could save you money over time and prevent the need for a future foundation repair in Overland Park. Proactive measures can go a long way toward helping you avoid repairs to your roofing system and siding, as well. Our team from Arrow Foundation Repair can offer affordable inspections to your gutter system and drainage system to make sure they're working correctly. Keeping gutters cleaned out, and drainage pipes in good repair ensure rainwater flows away from your home instead of pooling around its foundation.

Maintenance is Key

We highly recommend yearly gutter inspections to remove leaves and debris and check to see whether downspouts are sufficient in length to do their job. Your home's French drain tile system need only be inspected every five years, or so. If you're not sure how long it's been since someone has assessed these two protection systems around your home, give us a call to come out. There's no better way to avoid a costly foundation repair than keeping up to date on home maintenance and upgrades. Compare our rates and services with other companies in your community and choose us for peace of mind.

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