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general contractor Platte County

A general contractor is the one responsible for overseeing the day to day activities at a construction site, as well as the management of vendors and trades, and the passing of information to all concerned parties throughout a building or construction project. The general contractor is employed by the client and thus coordinates the project on behalf of the client. The general contractor also assesses the documents that are specific to the project and helps the client estimate the cost of the project. He also provides the materials that are necessary for the running of the project. He hires specialized and expert subcontractors who will perform some specific functions relating to the construction work. He is solely responsible for the quality of work done on the project as well as safety on the construction site. It is therefore essential for clients to hire the very best of general contractors for their building projects. A good general contractor will lead to a good project. What then can you say of the best?


Brooner Construction and Crane has a great reputation for being the best. We always make it a priority to keep clients satisfied at all times throughout the project. Brooner carries out its services with a great deal of professionalism and dedication to the clients. We ensure that we remain true to our word every time. Our personnel are skilled and experienced in the construction field and perform their tasks meticulously. We adhere to all safety measures that guide the construction industry and ensure that no stone is left unturned in the delivery of high quality and satisfactory jobs at a fast completion rate.

Brooner Construction & Crane engages in general contractor services in many locations. We are the best general contractor in Platte County. When clients leave their construction and building projects to Brooner Construction and Crane, they are assured of a quality job being done and have nothing to worry or hassle about. Brooner leaves no flaws in our jobs. We work together with clients and architects to make sure that deadlines and budgets are met and adhered to while making sure that subcontractors are professional and adhere to the standards stipulated. Clients of Brooner Construction and Crane have lovely stories to tell from their experiences of having us as their general contractor in Platte County and other locations. Their clients are assured of their projects being done by experienced and technologically advanced personnel of Brooner Construction and Crane. With our wealth of skilled craftsmen and subcontractors, clients are always assured of quality from the inception of their projects to the completion. With Brooner Construction and Crane, clients are also assured of saving costs on their projects too as the budget is well implemented and adhered to. Clients attest to the integrity of the staff of Brooner Construction & Crane, as they are disciplined and dedicated to the job and to the clients’ needs. The experience gained over the years by the team at Brooner Construction and Crane has put us in good stead to understand the needs of our clients and work towards achieving them.

Whenever you need a general contractor in Platte County, make sure you go for the best to get the best quality every time. The team at Brooner Construction and Crane are the difference makers and the best general contractor in Platte County. Call us today and let us make you happy.

general contractor Platte County
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general contractor Platte County
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general contractor Platte County general contractor Platte County general contractor Platte County general contractor Platte County general contractor Platte County

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