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Tile Repair Chicago

Tile Repair Chicago

The cracks or scratches will spoil the role of the tiles and marbles in beautifying your home.  As a specialist in tile repair in Chicago, Prestige can inspect, evaluate, and give professional advice on how to retrofit the damaged floor or wall.

Can porcelain tile be repaired?

A chipped porcelain tile can be fixed sometimes by using a repair kit. Usually, the porcelain tiles are durable than the ceramic ones but still vulnerable to damages like any other tile. When applying the compound, we would recommend using some masking tape to prevent the mixture from spreading.

If you decide to replace the dented or cracked tile, you should be careful during the removal process not to scratch the neighboring tiles by using some tape. You must remember to remove the existing grout carefully and to apply a new mortar bed for the new flooring. After installing it, you should proceed with the grouting and caulking to restore the waterproof integrity of the area.

Repairing a cracked tile is essential in maintaining your wall or floor functionality. The water getting access behind a tile will travel below the next one, softening the bed and causing, in the long term, extensive damages.

Reasons for cracked floor tiles

It is difficult to say immediately why the tiles are cracking since there are multiple reasons for this. An expert in tile repair in Chicago, after an examination, can confirm one of the below reasons:

  • Sharp blow – dropping heavy objects on the floor can cause a tile to crack, but an expert can quickly identify if this was the reason.
  • Heavy loads – usually, the tiles are tested to withstand a minimum of 250 pounds of pressure per square inch. However, a massive refrigerator with four legs or a huge and fully loaded cabinet can sometimes exceed the recommended pressure.
  • Improperly spaced joists – if the space between them is too ample, the tile will flex and eventually crack.
  • A cracked substrate – continuous and long cracks on the flooring substrate, extending under several tiles, may cause them to break. A crack membrane installed before re-applying the tiles may prevent the tiles from damaging.
  • Low-quality tile – typically tiles are durable and long-lasting, without getting moisture inside them, if properly manufactured. If you notice that the decorative printed layer of the floor gets a “wet” look and drying the next day, perhaps you have low-quality tiles.

How do I stop my tile from cracking?

There are several ways to prevent the tile from cracking, including underlayment, isolation membranes, subfloor reinforcement, or correct grouting. However, a specialist in tile repair in Chicago can correctly identify the specific problem of your floor or walls and can propose an adequate solution.

One of Prestige technicians will do a site examination and can advise you on the method to use for preventing further tile damages. We would be happy to assist you with a free estimation, and, if you decide to proceed with the project, we will also help with the retrofit works.

Tile Repair Chicago
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Tile Repair Chicago
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