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It might be fun to repaint the exterior of your house the first time but if you have to do it again and again every time a little rain falls, hire a professional immediately. You can save a lot of money and time when you hire professional exterior painters. Dowd Restoration is the leading exterior painting Denver. Call 303-522-8730 for inquiries.  

The exterior paint of your house is more important than you think, especially if you are trying to sell your property. If you require exterior painting Denver it is best to hire an expert. It’s not just about slathering paint on the wall—if you truly want great results, there are other things to consider such as pressure washing your walls. This is more difficult if you have brick walls, as the dirt in between bricks need to be removed. You also have to repair damaged surfaces before you can start painting. Other steps needed before painting the house include removing the old paint, caulking trim, priming stains, protecting your doors, lights, and windows, usually by putting on newspaper or plastic over them.
You might think, I’ve got all the time in the world to do this. But do you have the tools required, including plastic sheeting, caulk gun, spackle knife, paint brush, paint sprayer, ladder, drop cloths, pressure washer, epoxy filler, and more? If you think about it, it’s simply more efficient to hire a professional for exterior painting Denver.
Contact Dowd Restoration if you require exterior painting. We are a member of the Painting and Decorating Contractors of Americas well as an accredited member of the Denver BBB. To see our work and our other services, feel free to browse our website. For an estimate from Dowd restoration, please fill up the contact form.
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